Head of design on the UX design for Panono’s app and website as well as the development of product manuals and camera controls




Panono 360 camera

UX Design / App Design / Web Design / Manuals and Tutorials

User friendly workflows in the app and website

The Panono camera consists of 36 camera modules which all take an image simultaneously. These 36 images then need to be stitched together into one seamless image which happens on the Panono servers. This means that, after pressing the button on the camera, the user still has to go through a few steps until their 360 image is ready.


Together with a freelance UX designer I worked on an easy to use workflow that would make these steps as intuitive as possible across Panono’s several products.

Product manuals and in-app tutorials

To guide the user through the first use of the product and to comply with CE regulations, paper manuals and an in-app tutorial were developed. I worked on the creation of content for these items and as Head of Design was responsible for the final layout of these different products. Anticipating the next generation of Panono products, I worked on a poster which explains the use of the product on one sheet and would in the future replace the manual booklets.

Easy to use camera controls

The main challenge with the design of the camera controls was the lack of space on the device.


The viewing angles of the camera modules needed to overlap enough to ensure that the images could be stitched correctly, which left little space for other elements. We ended up designing an intuitive system containing one button, a ring of LEDs which gives the user feedback on the battery, memory and triggering status of the camera, and a buzzer that supports the visual feedback of the LEDs with sounds. A sample of the design document I developed can be seen on the image above. The document was used by our team of developers to implement the design on the camera.

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