Head of design on the development of a 360 photo camera from concept to market release




Panono 360 camera

Industrial Design / Concept Development / Mechanical Design / Supply Chain Management / Project Management

Concept Design

From concept to detailed design

To turn my concept design into a fully detailed product design we started working together with an external mechanical design firm based in Berlin. During weekly meetings founder Jonas Pfeil and me would meet the mechanical engineers working on our product to discuss the progress and ensure the design solutions moved in the right direction.


During the project I was responsible for the final visual design and usability of the camera.


In parallel I worked on the testing of prototypes and the inspection of Solidworks data, drawings part samples. Once the mechanical design was finished I took on the project management and managed the involved partners and manufacturers to ensure the quality of the parts met Panono’s standards and the timeline was kept.

Developing and maintaining a smooth production process

Due to the complexity and material choice of some of the parts, we experienced a lot of issues during production. Some of the parts had visual issues, for instance due to improper cleaning of the molds and machines or issues with the molding parameters. Others had geometrical issues, caused by mold defects or deformation after ejection of the parts from the molds.


I kept close contact with the different manufacturers to get the quality of the parts to the required level as soon as possible, planning factory visits whenever necessary.


In the meantime the assembly process needed to be set up at our EMS’s factory in Poland. I visited the factory on a regular basis. First to teach the assembly process to the assembly workers and to help develop different assembly tools. Later to ensure the assembly process and quality of the assembled product was optimized. In Berlin I set up an IQC process to ensure all products sent out to the customers were up to Panono’s standards.


Next to my work on the camera I helped design several accessories, which included a tripod adapter, a stick, bags and the product packaging. I cooperated with the several manufacturers of the accessories to ensure that all products met Panono's demands and fit within the product range.


The most interesting of all these was the development of the connection between the accessories and the camera.


As users need to be able to charge the camera while using the accessories, the connection point was placed at the USB connector on the camera. The connection needed to be as sturdy as possible, ensure a good connection with the USB connector and be quick and easy to use, while fitting into the small space available on the camera. This resulted in a push and turn system which was implemented in the Panono stick, adapter and tripod.

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